A Future of Financial Empowerment for All

If knowledge is power then financial education means financial freedom...

Financial literacy is the comprehensive understanding of how to use money/currency both personally and in the generation of income. These abilities include (but are not limited to): how one manages or earns money, how one invests money, and how one charitably donates money for a philanthropic cause. Most importantly, financial literacy refers to the skill set that allows an individual to make informed and effective decisions with their funds.

According to the S&P Global FinLit Survey (2015),which consists of a detailed qualitative and quantitative global analysis of financial literacy by the World Bank, Gallup, and George Washington University, only one-third of the world's population is financially literate. The survey was the first of its kind, and the astonishing results raise many questions about how the world’s most influential countries like the United States can make efforts to raise the global financial literacy rate, when the country itself is at a staggering  rate of 57% financial illiteracy.

FinLit score.jpg

Source: S&P Global FinLit Survey

Currently, people of the United States of America are all  too familiar with financial hardships and debt for various reasons; most college graduates start out in debt which was incurred by pursuing a higher education, buying a car and getting a mortgage. Many post graduates spend their whole lives paying off those loans. The lack of financial literacy among our youth explains how and why it happens. And while the rest of world may be doing a better job of managing their resources, they do not have the skill set for innovation and entrepreneurship that we have here in the US.


Majesty Alliance, LLC wants that to change. We see these chronic problems as an opportunity for collaboration to change a broken system. When people know more, they make much better choices. So, we are committed to promote financial literacy and financial freedom throughout the globe. We are inviting businesses all around the world to partner with us in making this change. Together we can share our knowledge and experience to eliminate failures on both sides of business transactions. In addition, preparing the youth with the right tools to make effective financial decisions is the key to prevent them from getting into major debt in the future.

Majesty Alliance, LLC are in the process of launching a non-profit sector to mandate financial education at the high school level globally. The basic fundamentals of financial education are not currently offered in schools. By mandating financial education, we are creating a financially literate global community who will have the right tools to become future entrepreneurs and investors. This will ensure a better economy for the next generation.

At Majesty Alliance, LLC, we are a global network powered by a team of diverse individuals who share a similar vision: to align and connect the right people to manifest success together, and make a difference by providing the youth with opportunities to reach their full potential through financial education and empowerment.


“Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing”


— Warren Buffet